Business Value

In 2018, 38% of all technology spend was on Digital Transformation and 66% of all firms have deployed IT Initiatives in support of Digital Transformation. 18.5% of companies use customer experience to measure the performance of their investments in emerging technologies and 12.5% of new revenue growth was driven by IT initiatives.

The IT Buyer environment has rapidly changed and requires a different marketing and sales approach.

IDC’s Business Value Strategy practice provides financial justification for a vendor’s IT solution, transforming sales focus from product features to customer value. This change in how you conduct your customer dialogue shortens the sales cycle, quickens conversion rates, and increases revenue.

Why is Business Value important?

Due to the rapid changes of the IT Buyer environment, new challenges and opportunities have arisen for both Marketing and Sales.

Buyers have changed What it means to you
43% more stakeholders are business buyers vs. IT There are multiple customer personas to sell to
Consumer-driven thinking More clients require custom solutions
DX Mindset – What are the business outcomes? Marketing should focus on business outcomes
75% are making long-term decisions and are risk adverse Sellers need to demonstrate compelling ROI
How does IDC Business Value integrate into Digital Marketing Campaigns?

The IDC Business Value practice refocuses your sales team on demonstrating the customer value and ROI of your IT solutions – so you can generate more leads and shorten the sales cycle. The custom research helps your business fuel digital marketing campaigns by:

Business Value Custom Research Approach

The IDC Business Value-Based Digital Strategy Methodology and Approach

  1. Focus on business outcomes
    Develop a message to position your products/services to target the business buyer
  2. Quantify the value of key elements of digital transformation
    Develop your unique compelling value story
  3. Elevate the customer experience
    Develop assets that reach all buyer personas (IT, LoB Procurement etc)
  4. Automate the sales process
    Sales to pivot conversation to business outcomes
  5. Integrate your program
    Develop end to end digital programs to exploit assets 

How IDC can integrate your Business Value Program from Thought Leadership to Field Enablement

  1. Third Party Custom Research
    – Thought Leadership content
    – Business value content
  2. Lead Campaigns
    – Social media and content marketing campaigns
  3. Lead Generation Tools
    – Quick assessment and report for prospects
    – Marketing leads captured
  4. Inside Sales
    – Follow up and lead qualification
    – Guides to campaign pages
  5. Interactive Selling Tools
    – Sales ‘automate the conversation’
    – Workshop / events

To capture today's buyers, Sales Enablement and Buyer Engagement Strategies must be aligned

Case Study

Refocus your sales team on demonstrating the customer value and ROI of your IT solutions – so you can generate more leads and shorten the sales cycle.

Why Choose IDC?

Since 1964, IDC has been the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.

IDC can help you:

  • Enhance your business Thought Leadership Profile and re-define client dialogue
  • Introduce new Thought Leadership dialogue with custom sponsored research
  • Elevate your brand profile