Performance Marketing Insights

80% of marketers are not satisfied with their ability to meaningfully measure the value derived from content marketing and 80% of the content they publish is never seen. Yet 80% of all businesses say they are still increasing their budgets for content.

*Source: 2017 BusinessGrow

Right now, marketers are pumping out content because they’re afraid not to—an unsustainable situation we at IDC want to avoid! Successful content marketing is built upon a process that measures the actual impact of content—only then can its ROI be assessed.

To counteract this trend, IDC has a Performance Marketing Insights initiative. Performance Marketing Insights is focused on providing advanced analytical insights and suggestions for consideration for amplifying and/or enhancing your online marketing campaign.

Ensure your content is noticed and your business achieves ROI.

With Performance Marketing Insights, IDC can help Content Marketers:

  • Generate the most effective content for their audiences
  • Demonstrate a clear ROI from content
  • Simplify the content marketing process
  • Punch through the noise with data-driven insights
  • Use content marketing to drive more traffic and leads

How does Performance Marketing Insights work?

IDC provide a PMI Success Framework which helps calibrate expectations around success metrics using a well-defined ‘What If’ scenario analysis across the spectrum of activity sources.
Each campaign is assessed, reviewed and reported. Recommendations are given within a specifically identified spectrum – typically across Paid, Earned & Owned strategies.
IDC provide a list of suggested actions for touch points during the campaign (prior to launch, 30 days post launch and 60 days post launch) for better online results in line with your business KPIs.

How it Fits - The Layers of Content Marketing

How can I use Performance Marketing Insights?

To better address the needs of today’s content marketers, IDC has Smart Content assets with Performance Marketing Insights to provide a Content Marketing solution optimized for tracking ROI.

iView Smart Content

  • The iView is an IDC developed asset that provides various forms of content within a trackable container.
  • Everything inside the container comes with automatic analytical tracking, including registration gates (where appropriate for downloads), Google Analytics, and the option to integrate with the client’s marketing automation platform.

Why Choose IDC?

Since 1964, IDC has been the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.

IDC can help you:

  • Enhance your business Thought Leadership Profile and re-define client dialogue
  • Introduce new Thought Leadership dialogue with custom sponsored research
  • Elevate your brand profile